The Hub Chairs are selected from members of CLA's council members who have agree to act as custodians of the Hubs until 2019 when formal elections will be held by the membership to identify four new Vice Presidents to fill these roles. 


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Brian Speers is the Vice President of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (2017-2019), and a senior Partner at CMG Cunningham Dickey Solicitors. Brian has served as President of the Law Society of Northern Ireland 2010 - 2011 and continues his work for the Law society as a member (and former Chair) of their Education Committee.  Brian is an expert practitioner in mediation and has conducted several workshops on the subject under CLA's flag, in both Belfast and Namibia.  

Still have a lot of questions about your HUB?  

You can contact your HUB chair using the emails supplied above. 

We are sorry we are not able to answer all your question right now.  We will be building on this page on a regular basis to bring information to our members on the HUB activities so please visit us again soon. 

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