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What are the benefits of CLA membership?

  • All members of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association have access to this online service via their personal login.
  • In the membership area, members will be able to create a personal profile
  • connect with other local and international CLA members who have chosen to share their profiles in the private members area
  • Every member will receive access to the Commonwealth Lawyer Journal three times each year and ten e-newsletters per year. (Please note from April 2015 we no long print hard copies of the Commonwealth Lawyer Journal it is now available online only).
  • Members enjoy member rates at our biennial Commonwealth Law Conference (CLC)
  • Members may join our LinkedIn group and follow us on Twitter @cla_lawyers

Your Support

Benefits are great, but we all like to feel that we are doing just a liitle bit more.  

With the support of our members in the last few years, we have been able to work toward: 

  • ensuring freedom of speech; 
  • observing the trials of lawyers under threat to make sure they are conducted with fairness and within the law;
  • support lawyers across the world protesting against the misuse of the law to ensure Commonwealth citizens receive fair treatment by their legal systems and the courts;
  • presenting valuable information to the Commonwealth Law Ministers and Senior Commonwealth Law Officials on subjects including the Death Penalty and LGBT rights.
  • Sharing our knowledge with Governments to improve and replace outdated laws.  

(Our current work is shown under "projects" in the main menu).

​All this was possible because our members supported us.  So, thank you, to all our membership, you are doing that "bit more" that really makes a difference.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join? 

Application Forms

Q: Can I request an application form?  

A: The CLA no longer uses manual paper membership forms. All applications must be completed using the online form under "join us"  on the home page.  You must supply all the information requested or our system will automatically reject your application.  Students please supply the appropriate additional proofs (see below) separately by email prior to acceptance. 

Q: Can I request an invoice by email?

A: Please note we no longer issue manual invoices.  All invoices are produced by our automated system and members, or applicants must sign in to obtain their invoice. 

If you request an invoice through the online system it must be settled within a maximum of 30 days or the system will automatically reject it and it will no longer be valid.  

Q: When does my membership start and finish?

A: Your membership starts from the invoice date so you should be ready to complete you payment once you request an invoice and finishes one year later.  Please note this applies to new applicants only, existing membership runs for one year from the end date of the previous membership year.

Requesting an invoice does not make you a member.  Membership is only valid after receipt of your full information, approval, and receipt of your full and correct payment. 

Access to the Members Area 

The system only grants you access  to the members area on receipt of your full correct details and confirmation of your payment. We encourage members to use the secure "Stripe" payment system for credit cards.  CLA no longer has the ability to accept credit card unless the payment is made via Stripe through our website.  

Q: How long does it take for CLA to receive my payment? 

A: Please note that cheque payments and bank transfers take longer to receive and may delay membership approvals or renewals. CLA is a not-for-profit and as such we do not accept bank charges. All payments that we receive must be the full membership fee after any bank charges  as our system does not allow part payment.  

Please allow up to 14 working days (longer during holiday periods) for confirmation for bank transfer payments. 

Q: We are a legal library.  Is it possible to buy a subscription to the Commonwealth Lawyer on-line? 

A: Yes please see below under cost, Library subscription only.

Q: What if I don't want to share my information with other members?

A: We take membership information very seriously and only approve those applicants who meet our criteria by providing detailed information to support their application.  

If you are concerned about sharing information with other members please note that once approved all members have the option to change their profile so that only information you choose is made available to other members.

You don't have to share your information with other members if you don't wish to but you must supply it to CLA when you first apply to gain approval for your membership, so please ensure to provide the full information we request when applying. 

As most of our members want to know other members in their field of expertise or their locality this generally doesn't prove a problem! :)  

What is the cost of membership? 

Individual membership -  £50.00 for one year

Young Lawyer - a lawyer who is less than 5 years qualified £25.00

Student member - a law student in full time study (you must provide evidence by sending us a letter from your University or another official document which clearly states you are a full time student) The fee for students is £15.00 for one year. For transmission of supporting documents use membership@commonwealthlawyers.com quoting your full name. CLA will not grant a student membership without receiving the appropriate supporting documents. 

Law library subscription to Commonwealth Lawyer - Legal librarians may subscribe via the on-line system to receive the Commonwealth Lawyer at a cost of £30.00 per year (three editions from the time you join - we cannot back date and no older issues are currently available online).  Please use the "sign-up" function.  The system is now full automated and we are not able to assist with enquiries.  A legal library subscription only entitles the user to access the Commonwealth Lawyer journal and no other areas of the website which are only available to full paying members.

Corporate and Institutional members - Please note that an Institution for the purpose of CLA membership is  defined as either a Law Society or Bar Council, Academic Institution (law school, college or University).  Other entities such as Law firms are considered to be corporate. 


  • As above with two or more nominated persons membership for the purposes of this service. (for Corporate please enquiry prior to application number may vary) 
  • A corporate or institutional profile on the this site.

Corporate Level 1 (small firms) membership is designed for smaller companies (less than 5 lawyers) and is: £500.00 for one year 

Institutional Membership is graded according to the number of members in your institution please see the scale in the payment area. You must select the fee that is relevant to the number of members of your Institution.  Your application will be checked against your website and other information and may be refused if you do not select the appropriate fee at the time of application

How do I pay for membership?

By Credit Card: We now use the Stripe secure online payments system available through this website site.

Invoice: You may download an invoice for payment however we cannot confirm your membership until we receive your payment 

Cheque:  We accept Sterling Cheques by post to our office address however approval of membership may take longer when cheque payment is used.  Please allow a minimum of 7 working days after we receive your cheque. Cheques must be in Sterling pounds and made our to Commonwealth Lawyers Association.

Bank Transfer:  We accept bank transfers to our account however this may slow down the approval process as we must wait for bank notification prior to approving your membership.  Please allow 14 working days (longer during holiday periods) for the payment to reach us. PLEASE QUOTE THE INVOICE NUMBER NOT YOUR NAME AS IT IS NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO SEE FULL NAMES ON OUR STATEMENT

A note about membership payments.  CLA is not able to accept bank charges for membership fees. Please ensure that any payment made by bank transfer includes sufficient funds to cover the bank charges.  Thank you :) 

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